Q. I want to come to a Buns & Roses meeting, but I don't know what to do? 

A. Our most common question - and don't worry it's really easy! You just come along to our venue on a date when we are holding a meeting and sign in at the door, please visit our diary for dates. You don't have to be a member to come to a meeting - you are welcome to try it all out first as a guest for £5. The Committee will tell you what to do and introduce you to some of our friendly members who will make you feel very welcome. You don't need to book to attend a meeting.

Q. I want to come to a Buns & Roses meeting, but I'm really shy and don't know anyone - can you help?

A. Feedback from our members and visitors is consistent that we are a very friendly and welcoming group - sometimes you can walk into a meeting and it will look like there are tables of people chatting away as if they've been friends for years, when in actual fact they often have only met minutes before! The committee are very experienced at making sure you will feel welcome, pointing you in the direction of some friendly members to sit with and you are given a name badge to help you remember who it is that you've been chatting to about cake for the past half hour without having to awkwardly ask for their name again!

Q. I'm really interested in coming along to a workshop, how do I do this?

A. You must book onto a workshop as there are limited places available due to size of the room, materials available and the logistics of how many people a tutor is able to teach. Unfortunately you can't just turn up! (as above) Buns & Roses Members get priority booking and receive an email a couple of weeks before the workshop. The rest of our mailing list is then emailed a few days later - if you are interested in booking on it's worth replying immediately as some workshops are popular and book up fast.

Workshops are paid for in advance, so if you can't attend you must let us know as soon as possible so we can try and fill your place. Invariably we get a number of cancellations so it's worth going onto the waiting list if you miss out on booking a place. As we are a charity, we can't accommodate people not showing up if we've already purchased materials and paid for a tutor so if you don't give us 48 hours notice of a cancellation, we may have to charge you (although we'll always try and provide you with any of the materials from the workshop if practical).

Q. How are the president and the committee elected?

A. As it stands Buns & Roses have not needed to hold a formal election for the post of the president as we've had a strong group of members who have collaborated to form the committee on a yearly basis without needing to contest the post of president. In the future if we have more than one member who wants to take on the role, we will run a formal election at our AGM meeting in which members at the meeting will have the opportunity to take part in a ballot.

The elected president will then choose her committee including roles such as Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. We are keen for our members to get involved at any point in the year as there is always a lot of work to be done - just come and talk to us and we can find out how you can best help us. The role of President and indeed any role on the committee are extremely fun and rewarding, but involves several hours per week of unpaid work and commitment so it's advisable if you are interested in standing for the role of President you speak to the current committee as soon as possible and ideally join the committee first to get a feel for what the role entails.

Q. I really like craft, why are some of your meetings nothing to do with craft?

A. At Buns & Roses we all love a bit of craft too, but it's worth knowing that the WI whilst famous for crafting and baking has many other roles to fulfil within the community.

In fact the official objects of the WI are as follows: The main purposes of the Women's Institute organisation are: (a) to advance the education of women and girls for the public benefit in all areas including (without limitation): (i) local, national and international issues of political and social importance; (ii) music, drama and other cultural subjects; and (iii) all branches of agriculture, crafts, home economics, science, health and social welfare; (b) to promote sustainable development for the public benefit by: (i) educating people in the preservation, conservation and protection of the environment and the prudent use of natural resources; and (ii) promoting sustainable means of achieving economic growth and regeneration; (c) to advance health for the public benefit; and (d) to advance citizenship for the public benefit by the promotion of civic responsibility and volunteering.

At Buns & Roses we plan our programme carefully each year to try and meet all of these objectives within our meetings and workshops, but if you have any questions please get in touch and ask us.

Q. I've got a really good suggestion for a workshop / meeting / event - how can I make it happen?

A. We have to plan our calendar a year in advance every September to make sure that we can book speakers and tutors well in advance of our meetings and workshops as well as budget effectively, so the best time to let us know is before that planning meeting. We are always keen to hear suggestions from members though and if you look at the next question you'll see just how many methods there are available to you to communicate with Buns & Roses.

Q. I want to get in touch with Buns & Roses - how do I do this?

A. So many ways!  You can find them all here, but in brief - at meetings, email - bunsandroses@live.co.uk , FacebookTwitter on the phone, and carrier pigeon (actually that last one isn't true!).