Buns & Roses at Scarborough May 2012

The Buns & Roses Social Committee was formed to run our extra-curricular activities. Within the Social Committee we try to build our social events upon the core foundations of the WI, but add a little extra merriment and the odd glass of wine. 

Previous events have included a day trip to Scarborough (see above!), Whitby, Beamish, a Jubilee themed summer party, a nature walk to Rodley Nature Reserve, horseriding,  a theatre trip to Dirty Dancing and a family picnic in Roundhay Park.

The aim of the committee is to bring members, friends and family together in different ways to have fun and experience some of what Leeds has to offer. 

If you have any questions or suggestions for future events, please get in touch using the details on our contact us page or chat to us at one of the meetings.